Short hair, don’t care!

Today's post is a rant about one of my most beloved style elements – my hair 😊.

Growing up, I was the stereotypical girl who wanted thick, flowing hair with length. Thick, check; length, check; flowing, not so much 😂.  In any case, the flowing part did not matter much because we were not allowed per our primary school dress code.

Nevertheless, at the end of primary school after many years of torturous Sunday evening hot-comb to cornrow sessions, my mum decided to relax my hair. Ooh, I would get to be one of the "big girls" now. How about "no"? A few months later, my dad was posted to Israel, where we lived for some years.

What has this to do with my hair, you ask? Well, after we moved and finally got settled, we were unable to find salons that serviced African hair. Talk about mission impossible. I am sure by now you have already guessed what happened next. Yes, my first big chop!

I was mortified. I did not want to go to school or show my face in any public setting for that matter but I didn't have a choice in the matter. As a matter of fact, I looked back to find photos of myself during that time, but I found none.  Oddly, my classmates were intrigued by my hair, especially when I experienced shrinkage after our swimming classes.

Fast forward to my early to mid teens.  We moved back in Africa; the Republic of Benin to be exact and I was all about braids. Then towards the end of high school, I did another big chop.  Over the years, I cyclically grew and cut my hair. I even tried a relaxer again.  I think the reason for the change was boredom but I definitely appreciated the fact that I had options.

In 2010, after wearing my hair short and natural for a couple of years, I decided to grow it out again after our then, five year old asked if I would.  Later that year we found out we were expecting Yay! An added bonus was prenatal vitamins – can you say hair growth? Yes indeed my hair grew beautifully and I kept it up for about three years.  Then one Saturday morning as I had done many Saturday's before, I began doing my hair then halfway through, it dawned on me that I had three other heads to do.  I had come to a fork in the road and had a decision to make.  I could spend my day on hair or I could shave my head out of the equation (pun intended).  We all know how the story ends.  Suffice it to say, I LOVE my hair!

Short hair
How do you wear your hair?

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2 thoughts on “Short hair, don’t care!

  1. My first two daughters went natural before I did and I knew it was only a matter of time before I would. Now all the girls in our home are natural:-) even the youngest one who I thought would resist at such an impressionable age. It’s all good:-)

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