Tiffany I. ~ First Time Mother

I am a first time mother to a now 9 month old baby boy. During my pregnancy I gained 70lbs. I’m pretty tall so most people didn’t notice. It was very obvious to me when I tried putting on my old clothes.  I lost 60 pounds but my body was just different.

I’m also a tom boy that does not enjoy shopping.  I had to donate ALL of my clothing and most of my shoes as my feet grew.  I knew I needed new clothes but I had no idea where to start.

That’s where A Thread of Style comes in.  Abi is so knowledgeable about how and where to start but she was most of all understanding.  She gave me shopping 101 without making me feel like a 34 year old woman should already know this. Her helpful hints of where to shop and how to find things for my body type have helped me tremendously.

One of the most helpful things she told me was to create a Pinterest board of what I’d like my style to be. She said that I could still have a tomboy (or better yet a sporty) feel but also look chic at an affordable price.  You can’t beat that! She reminded me to shop sales racks and play around with colors and patterns.

Abi could easily style for celebrities but also assist moms like myself with a limited budget.  I can’t thank her enough.  I feel confident whether I’m taking my son out in the afternoon or having a date night with my husband.  I don’t dread going to the store to buy a new outfit.  I don’t think I’ve ever felt this type of relief in the area of clothing!