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Not So Mellow Yellow

Hey Style Lovers,

Today’s short and sweet post features another business casual work look!  Fun times. It is always great when you can spice up your corporate look with some colour.  In my “Smart Casual Work Look” post, I shared how I like to keep my pieces simple and classic for the office.  This outfit is no exception.  The look features a striped button up portofino blouse from Express and a pair of Logan fit, canary yellow trousers from Banana Republic.  Express’ portofino blouses have become a staple in my wardrobe so much so, I snag them in a variety of colours and patterns anytime they are on sale.

To complete this look, I chose black accessories to subtly mute the trousers but at the same time make sure they were the focus of the look.  What do you think?

Yellow Trousers 1


Yellow Trousers 2Yellow Trousers 3Yellow Trousers 4Yellow Trousers 5

Keeping it simply stylish,


Short hair, don’t care!

Today's post is a rant about one of my most beloved style elements – my hair 😊.

Growing up, I was the stereotypical girl who wanted thick, flowing hair with length. Thick, check; length, check; flowing, not so much 😂.  In any case, the flowing part did not matter much because we were not allowed per our primary school dress code.

Nevertheless, at the end of primary school after many years of torturous Sunday evening hot-comb to cornrow sessions, my mum decided to relax my hair. Ooh, I would get to be one of the "big girls" now. How about "no"? A few months later, my dad was posted to Israel, where we lived for some years.

What has this to do with my hair, you ask? Well, after we moved and finally got settled, we were unable to find salons that serviced African hair. Talk about mission impossible. I am sure by now you have already guessed what happened next. Yes, my first big chop!

I was mortified. I did not want to go to school or show my face in any public setting for that matter but I didn't have a choice in the matter. As a matter of fact, I looked back to find photos of myself during that time, but I found none.  Oddly, my classmates were intrigued by my hair, especially when I experienced shrinkage after our swimming classes.

Fast forward to my early to mid teens.  We moved back in Africa; the Republic of Benin to be exact and I was all about braids. Then towards the end of high school, I did another big chop.  Over the years, I cyclically grew and cut my hair. I even tried a relaxer again.  I think the reason for the change was boredom but I definitely appreciated the fact that I had options.

In 2010, after wearing my hair short and natural for a couple of years, I decided to grow it out again after our then, five year old asked if I would.  Later that year we found out we were expecting Yay! An added bonus was prenatal vitamins – can you say hair growth? Yes indeed my hair grew beautifully and I kept it up for about three years.  Then one Saturday morning as I had done many Saturday's before, I began doing my hair then halfway through, it dawned on me that I had three other heads to do.  I had come to a fork in the road and had a decision to make.  I could spend my day on hair or I could shave my head out of the equation (pun intended).  We all know how the story ends.  Suffice it to say, I LOVE my hair!

Short hair
How do you wear your hair?

Keeping it simply Stylish,


Smart Casual Work Style

Hello Style Lovers,

I hope your week is of to a great start and you have resolved to put your best foot forward! Today’s look is a smart casual work look.

As you may know, I work in corporate America as a HR leader and I have been asked about my work wardrobe. While I work in an environment with a dress code, I love to own my look and express my style while still looking professional.  The look features really simple pieces that I have owned for a few years now.

Smart casual work look

Flippy Skirt: Loft  (here)
Shoes: Nine West (old)option (here)
Watch: Michael Kors Darci (here)

Bag: Coach (old) option (here)

 Sunglasses: Loft (old) option (here)

smart casual Work look side view

The look is quite versatile though it is comprised of simple wardrobe staples.  When it comes to work I like to keep things simple and classic, but still impactful. Hence, the skirt print choice and the top colour. 

While I could have paired the skirt with a wide range of colors, I chose the pop of orange because it nicely compliments my skin tone and adds just a enough flare to brighten up my day. 

You can dress this look up a bit more with a pair of closed toe pumps and a statement necklace. You can also easily transition this outfit into an after five ensemble for a meet up with business associates.
Smart Casual work look front view

Smart Casual work look with a smile

smart casual work look

I hope you like this look as much as I do and this inspires you to add your style to your work looks.  

How do you add your style at work? Leave me a comment below. Have an awesome week!

Keeping it simply stylish,


Scallops and cut-outs and lace, Oh my!

Hi Everyone,

I am super excited about life  today! How about you? Ever since I officially launched my styling gig and began blogging a mere 80 days ago, I have learnt so much and ready for more!  When I first decided to embark on this entrepreneurial  journey, I was not sure what to expect but one thing was for sure, I was going to give it my all.  I have met some amazing people and some not so amazing people and the one thing they all have in common is that I they were each able to teach me something.

As I have shared with you all before, at the end of the day, my goal is to affect those I come in contact with in a positive way whether it is through a word of prayer, a friendly chat, retail therapy or whatever way the Lord chooses.  We all have a story and no man or woman is an island. My Mum always says “eyon ni aso eyon” which literally means people are people’s clothing. In other words, we are here for one another to cover one another and I want to thank each of you for your support and encouragement thus far.

Now, unto our regularly scheduled blog post 😊…

Today’s outfit is a white lace romper and like the outfit featured in my Pops of Cobalt post, it is one that can be worn to various summer events, on date night, or even dressed down for a flirty casual look.

The romper features some of my favorite things: lace and scallops.  White is a crisp color and one that you cannot go wrong with wearing.  The lace and scallops soften the look and add a dainty feel to it.  The romper also features a delicate cut-out waist band and cut-out back for an ultra flirty feel.  Because romper is such a statement piece, I paired it with subtly complimentary, yet impactful accessories like my peep-toe booties, sunglasses and satchel. A clutch would have been a great option as well.

Romper - full length picture


Romper: Francesca’s (sold out) similar option  (here)
Shoes: Gianni Bini (old) alternative option (here)
Watch: Michael Kors Darci (here)

Bag: Coach (old) alternative option (here)

 Sunglasses: Loft (old) similar option (here)


Romper - full length picture Lace romper back detailing


Romper, bag and shoes

Romper side view

I hope you love this look as much as I do. Let me know what you think.  Thanks for stopping by.

Keeping it simply stylish,


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Live Life in Colour

Hello Style Lovers!

I make no apologies that I am proudly Naija (Nigerian)!  I could list a number of things that I love about my nationality but as it relates to style, I LOVE how colourful our attire is.  For a number of years, I have been obsessed with Ankara because it is an amazingly colourful fabric with unique wax printed patterns that can add flare to any outfit.  Currently, most of my pieces are skirts and I will be sure to feature them on future posts.

Today’s post features a skirt that my dad bought me on a recent trip back home!  The pattern is simple but the colours make me smile.

Blouse: Target (old) alternative option (here)
Skirt: Ankara
Shoes: Nine West (old) similar option (here)
Watch: Michael Kors Darci (here)

 Sunglasses: Loft (old) similar option (here)

Necklace: Gift (old) alternative option (here)

The a-line skirt features pleats in the front and identical pleats in the back and my oh-so favorite feature, pockets.  I don’t know what it is with me and pockets but they smarten almost any look.  The cut of the skirt gives also my columnar figure some shape and definition.

I decided to pair my skirt with a magenta Merona blouse from Target. By the way, starting today through 7/15, Target is offering 20% off women’s Merona apparel.  Act fast and you will be able to snag my skirt from last week’s post (here) at a discount.

For my accessories, I opted for my go-to nude d’orsay peep-toe pumps,  silver watch and large silver chain link necklace.

You only live once! Why not live your life in colour?

Remember to shop the look using the links. Thanks for stopping by.

Keeping it simply stylish,


20% off Women’s Merona apparel with promo code MERONA. Valid 7/9-7/15

Pops of Cobalt

Hello Lovelies!

I trust you are doing awesome! I cannot believe we are halfway through Summer break. Time has been buzzing by as we have geared up for one event or another. Most notable are weddings. I am a hopeless romantic and I love Summer weddings. Today’s post features a wedding guest look. The look is on trend, elegant, and festive all at the same time. The look is colorful without being obnoxious.

Merona multi coloured skirt and white off shoulder ruffle top

Merona multi coloured skirt and white off shoulder ruffle top



Blouse: Francesa’s (Sold Out) similar option (here)

Skirt: Target (here)

Sandals:  Dillard’s (old) similar option  (here)

Clutch: JCPenney, (old) similar option  (here)

                                                            Sunglasses: Fossil (old) similar option (here)

                                                                            Watch: Michael Kors (here)

                        Merona multi coloured skirt and white off shoulder ruffle top I love playfully colorful clothing and this skirt from Target makes me smile! I paired it with a white ruffle one shoulder top because I wanted the top and the skirt to stand out on their own while still complimenting the other and I would amplify the colors through my accessories.  In this case, I chose cobalt blue and coral.

Merona multi coloured skirt and white off shoulder ruffle top


Merona multi coloured skirt and white off shoulder ruffle top

I hope you guys love this look as much as I do, ruffles are in so get in on the trend!  Be sure to shop the post using the links.  Have a great week!

Keeping it simply stylish,


30 Day Wardrobe Challenge

Happy Monday Folks,

I hope you had a fantastic weekend and your week is off to a great start! This week’s post is off schedule – I apologise – but I will explain why in just a second.

Last weekend, I hung out with my favourite crew – my three daughters.  We had a blast at The Forum   If you are local and have not checked it out you really should.  While out, we did some shopping and I took the opportunity to scope out some pieces for some of the clients I am currently working with.  My oldest and I sparked a conversation about what exactly I do for my clients.  I explained to her, then one question led to another and then she posed the ultimate question – “Mum, can you go without shopping for 30 days? I bet you can’t!”

I was like “excuse me!”, acting like I was offended, knowing the answer to her question was likely “no!”  I am not in denial – I love to shop.

In any case I decided to accept her challenge to shop my wardrobe for 30 days (I still get goosebumps thinking about it).  To make myself feel better, I decided to look at this as an opportunity to practice what I preach to my clients, when applicable, and also a way to teach my child about self-discipline.  Needless to say, we wrapped up our shopping trip on Saturday with a few goodies and started the challenge yesterday, June 25th.

Here are the rules she outlined:

– You are prohibited from purchasing any new outfits for 30 days (except for clients)

Pretty cut and dry, don’t you think? I was able to work in accessories though  😂 (don’t judge me).  Let’s see how I fare over the course of the next 30 days. Here was my look for day 1:



Dress: Old Navy (here)

Vest: Target (old) Similar (here)

Sandals: (old) Similar (here)

Bag: Michael Kors Saddle Bag, Maxine in medium (here)

One of the things I love about my jersey swing dress is that it is super versatile – you can dress it up or down. I thought about pairing it with a pair of canvas/tennis shoes but the sandals won. Moreover I love the black and white stripe combination because it is a perfect neutral pattern that can be spiced up with a pop of colour or even other patterns.

So, anyone care to join me on this challenge? Lord knows I need all the moral support I can get. What wardrobe challenges have you undertaken?  Don’t forget to comment and you can also follow me on Instagram @athreadofstyle.

Keeping it simply stylish,


Flower Power 

Happy Sunday!

Today, I will be sharing a look I wore to a fashion show I attended hosted by luxury handbag designer, Alexandria W. Alli, of F&W Style and Ministry of Supply.

When picking out this look, I thought about a few things but time of day, weather, and venue topped my list. It was around brunch time, sunny and 90 degrees, and the venue was Ministry of Supply’s boutique.  I wanted something comfortable, stylish, and subtly bold. Floral print is trending this season too, so here’s where I landed:



Romper: (sold out) Victoria Beckham for Target Collection; alternative options (here) (here)

Pumps: (old) Similar (here)

Bag: (sold out) Kate Spade Carmel Court Kaela; alternative options (here) (here)

Sunglasses: Loft (here)

How did I do?

Keeping it simply stylish,



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I Choose

Today’s very brief post is inspired by one of my favourite artists, India Arie. Anyone who know me, knows I love me some India.


I have not listened to her music in at least a year but her song “I Choose” has been on repeat in my brain for the last couple of days. I reflected on the words of the song like I had never heard it before and decided to make it my birthday theme song 🙂 Happy birthday to me and no, I am not being facetious – today really is my birthday.

I am excited for what this new year will bring! Today’s look is relaxed. I am wearing a halter flower print maxi by Loft that I paired with a pair of bronze sandals by Fossil. I love the look because it is comfortable, vibrant and subdued all at the same time. I especially love maxis because they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down.

Do you have a birthday anthem or a song that inspires you? How do you wear your maxi?

Keeping it simply stylish,


Dusty Spring Rose

Hi There,

With the beautiful, warm weather we have been experiencing in Atlanta, I got to break out one of my favourite warm weather pieces – shorts! 

My look today is one I wore on a hot evening out with the girls. I absolutely love shorts because they are fun and versatile. I love when I can dress them up and add a little pizzazz to an otherwise plain outfit.  

I like my shorts super comfy and to range in length from 3.5inches – 5inches as I have found that shorts in that length range tastefully flatter my shape and still leave room for the imagination.   
The shorts I am wearing were part of the Victoria Beckham for Target collection. They are pleated jacquard shorts featuring a blush/dusty rose paisley print. The pleats add a polished feel to the look. I paired them with a dusty rose portofino shirt from Express

My shoes are a pair of Nine West d’orsays gifted to me by my mum a few years ago. They are metallic pewter with silver geometric cut outs. 

I subtly enhanced the outfit with my Darci watch by Michael Kors and my Luxe pavé feather necklace from Henri Bendel. 

For a more muted look, I would accessorise with a pair of nude pumps

Styling extras

Express’ portofino top is very versatile and comes in a variety of colours and patterns. It can be paired with trousers/pants for work (seen here) or with jeans for a more casual look. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Enjoy the rest of your holiday weekend!

Keeping it Simply Stylish,